Scooter developed anxiety issues during life in a shelter, which only got worse after he was sent away to another trainer who used harsh punishments to train him. When he first came for his advanced boarding school program he was on anxiety medication and was still a nervous wreck. He was taken off his medication and learned how to look to his humans for guidance when he got nervous. Scooter went home a totally different dog who had lots of new found confidence and trust for the people around him. 


Waffle was a bit of a goofball who was a little too friendly, pulling his owner in every direction to try to make friends with everybody and never really paying attention to what she was trying to get him to do. Because of this she couldn't trust him to be off leash in the park, despite living just a few blocks from Central Park. After completing the off leash program at boarding school Waffle learned how to pay attention to his owner both on and off leash so that they could take normal walks and get plenty of off leash play time at the park. 

Milo & Storm

Milo and Storm were very anxious about newcomers and needed help with potty training as well as obedience. After completing their school program they learned how to follow their human leaders  and turned into very affectionate dogs who know how to keep calm. They also learned the appropriate place to potty is outside. 


Frank was an easily excitable dog who would pull aggressively on the leash and react badly to other dogs he saw which made his owner nervous about her upcoming move from NYC to Miami. After an advanced boarding school program Frank learned to behave on walks and keep his cool around other dogs which gave her owner the confidence she needed to bring Frank to his new life on the beach.


Marley was an extremely driven dog who had some aggressive tendencies, and had even been kicked out of a kennel before for bad behavior. After the advanced day school program Marley learned how to control herself in stressful situations and will always be welcome for our exclusive boarding program available only to dogs who complete a training program.