The path of a Dynamic Dog Trainer:

Photo Credit: Nicole Salter

Photo Credit: Nicole Salter

Joe Miller,  Certified Canine
Training & Behavior Specialist

I was once in your position. One of my dogs, scarred by life in a shelter,  feared new people and new things. She would bark and lunge at people who passed us on walks, walked by our house, and even guests in my home. On the other hand I had a crazy puppy who was overly excited by everything. She would jump up on people, counters, and furniture, pull the leash on walks, and calling her back to me? Forget it! My dogs had become as stressful as they were joyful.

This led me to Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers . At Starmark I learned about all aspects of dog training and behavior. I worked with small pet dogs like a mini schnauzer to large working dogs like a Belgian Malinois on specialized training including obedience, agility,  behavior modification, scent identification, search and rescue, protection, and service dog training. 


Begin a new life with your dog, today. 

After my intensive program my dogs and I had completely transformed our relationship and communication skills. A once fearful Bella now greeted the world with confidence and joy. Delilah is still as crazy as ever...but now she understands when it's the right time to be calm and when it's the right time to play.

Since returning home to the Hudson Valley I have worked with trainers in the field and trained dogs at local rescues. I've worked with many different styles and methods of training which allowed me to develop a highly effective dog training program that works as well with timid pet dogs as it does with high drive competition dogs. I don't take a quick-fix approach to restoring your relationship with your dog. I don't use ineffective bribery methods where commands only work when you have food. I treat every person and dog as an individual and provide effective and reliable dog training for your lifestyle. Contact me today to become a Dynamic Dog Trainer.