About The Program

The reason why board and train programs are effective is very simple. Dogs, like humans, are social animals that are very responsive to their environment. You can't control everything about the environment, but surrounding your dog with other well balanced dogs with a structured plan is a great way to improve their health and happiness, which improves your own life.


The Importance of The Pack

While there are some out-dated notions about pack mentality and dominance in dogs, the fact of life is who you surround yourself with reflects who you are. Being around well balanced dogs provides a respectful environment that is a natural educator for your dog. Dogs learn from every interaction so it's important to make sure they are learning from dogs that will make a positive impact.

Breaking Bad Habits

People who try to break a habit without changing their environment typically fail. If you're trying to quit drinking it will be harder if you go to the bar every night. This rule applies to dogs as well, so giving your dog a "new start" in a fresh productive environment helps speed up the process of rehabilitation. 

Building Good Habits

For lasting changes in your dog's behavior it is necessary to build productive habits that give you and your dog a framework for success. Basic structure goes a long way in establishing reliability between you and your dog that allows you both more freedom.